Nomadic was formed in 2003 when it identified the need for WiFi within the Hospitality space. WiFi technology was new to market and an average of 1 in 10 Guests carried 1 WiFi device.

The first installation was completed in April 2004 and Nomadic continues to support this property today.

WiFi technology and the Guests WiFi needs have changed fundamentally in the last 10 years with the biggest changes occurring over the past 4 years. We currently see 1 in 2 Guests using 3 devices concurrently.

Nomadic understands that WiFi in a hotel is a business driver and understands the reliance Guests have on it to function on a business level. Whilst we see a big increase in social networking needs, ultimately a Guests choice of Hotel will depend on their ability to work effectively whilst away from the office.

We look forward to assisting you in meeting your Guests WiFi and Technology requirements.


Nomadic installs enterprise grade WiFi and gives 100% coverage to Guest rooms, public spaces and Conference areas. We understand the need for Capacity in high density areas (Conference) and aesthetics. We do not do “Hotspot” solutions, covering a coffee shop or lobby only. Nomadic does 100% coverage remotely monitored professional installations with focus on quality of equipment, support and understanding of RF (Radio Frequency).

Apart from WiFi installations, Nomadic has developed the most feature rich interface on the market today that interfaces to Micros Opera V5. This interface is network agnostic.

Unlike other Vendors, Nomadic believes the Portal should be branded and customised to your Hotel, making best use of the marketing opportunity to your Guest.

Currently Nomadic has over 60 Reference sites in Africa.

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